You're Probably Going To Want To Join The Young Lions Music Club

When it comes to Toronto's music, Bobby Kimberley knows his shit. He's worked with plenty of our favourite Canadian artists: Rouge, Allie Hughes and Paper Lions all call his Young Lions Music Club agency home. In the last couple of years, he's teamed up with the Live In Bellwoods peeps to put on a daytime concert series during CMW and NXNE which has become one of our favourite parts of both festivals. And one Friday night every month, he throws a dance party with someone cool DJing, like, say Beirut or Fucked Up or Bonjay or Sheezer or Hooded Fang or the Rural Alberta Advantage. 

So, safe to say that when he started offering free membership cards to anyone who fills out a form on Facebook, we signed up right away. It was well worth the $0 it cost us to get discounts on Young Lions Music Club events – sometimes even free admission. But recently, things have gotten even better. Membership now gets you 15% off poutine at Poutini's House of Poutine and 15% off take-out at all Fresh restaurants in Toronto. Which seems downright silly. So we figured we'd better tell you about it so you can sign up yourself. Which you can do right now, in about 20 seconds, right here.

And then we'll see you at the next dance party on Friday, Feb. 24. It's doubling as The Elwins' CD release, with DJing by Tokyo Police Club and sets from The Bicycles and The Meligrove Band. All for 8 freaking dollars. Yeesh.


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