Artists To Watch: Christine Kim

Christine Kim is a Toronto-based artist with a keen interest in paper, adhesives, scissors and knives. Her artwork explores "a haunted presence", themes of light and darkness, boundaries and edges, shadows filtered through forest canopies. Her paper-cuts become "airports of dust, light and shadow."

"As an artist," she says, "I am drawn to the quiet gestures of bodies. These figures turn away from the viewer, suggesting subtly to bodies but alluding more to the uneasy territory between what is revealed and what is concealed. These bodies are veiled with ornaments of windows, lace and fence."

"The fence is an obvious declaration of territory, but the lace is just as much a fence. It releases and represses. It protects and destroys. It is a prayer and a prison. Cut out of paper, these figures have been uprooted and rearranged to occupy ambiguous spaces: inverted pyramid, un/defined territory, and wavering horizons.

"In the layering of these compositions, the figures are freed from this surface and allowed to be more present; they are allowed to cast their own shadows. It is an act of release and capture. They enter the realm of dust, light and shadow."

For more on Christine Kim please visit: You can also contact the artist through her Facebook page here.


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