CMW 2012: Dangerband @ The Central by Alex Snider

FRIDAY – If you are one of those people that is horribly jealous of super talented young people then you might want to stay far away from Dangerband. Especially since their lack of affectation will probably send you into a fit of rage. In fact, you better just go chill out and watch this, instead of reading on because your self-esteem comes first, you bitter old person, you.

Now I should say that I've known Jackson Beyer (bass/vocals) for a loooong time. He is the cousin of my cousins (what's that adage? The cousin of my cousin is my friend?). So, when I say that Dangerband (Rane Elliot-Armstrong, Lucas Meilach-Boston, Jackson Beyer, Jacob Stanescu, Chai Elliot-Armstrong) rocks, some could say I'm not exactly unbiased. It's a good thing, then, that my bias-free photographer confirmed my opinion after the show. They are pretty damn great. Heirs to Sloan, they don't take themselves too seriously and offer reallllllly catchy self-aware pop-rock songs.

And their charm, hoo-boy! They locked down the in-between song banter (just misspelt banter as bandter, new word?) no small feat when the last very young band I saw offered nothing but shrugs and whatevers. Even when they lost a guitar due to a broken string and Elliot-Armstrong broke a drumstick (very rock n' roll), they dealt with the missteps with grace and aplomb. This puts them miles ahead of LCD Soundsystem, who in 2007 freaked out after a monitor crashed and ended the set 50 minutes in. I was there...

This is the band that makes you wish you were 19 again so you could take what you know now about music and life and wrap it in an effortless wunderkind package.

MP3: "Working So Hard" by Dangerband
MP3: "I Don't Wanna" by Dangerband

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Photos: Adam Bunch

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