CMW 2012: Whale Tooth @ Lee's Palace by Alex Snider

SATURDAY – Whale Tooth's Michael McCreary (bass/vocals) and one of the Lee's sound guys were wearing the same denim shirt. Also wearing a chambray shirt? This guy (you can't see it but I'm pointing to myself). WHO WORE IT BEST? (Well, I have boobs so...) Although I kind of wish that I had been wearing a sequinned, art-deco-inspired top like singer Elise LeGrow. It should be one of the rules of preforming live music that at least 15% of stage attire is bedazzled in sequins. All the better if, like LeGrow, the besequinned (or berhinestoned – I'm not picky) one jumps, whirls and shakes it the entire time until they literally end the set lying down on stage. Moar spectacles! 

I really want to write a great description of LeGrow's voice: something about smoke and whiskey and being smooth as silk but everything I come up with basically just sounds like an ad for an '80s limo service. I can't remember which, but in a novel recently I read a description of someone's voice that was something like 'whiskey being poured into a velvet bag'. Brother, that made me lol. I mean, whiskey's great and velvet is soft; I can hear the jazz in there somewhere but ultimately you're left with a soggy Crown Royal pouch.  What I'm trying to say is that LeGrow's voice is amazing. It is smooth and smokey and comes thisclose to breaking before slipping back down. If I could make a good simile involving grain alcohol and fine textiles, you guys know I would. I am really excited to see them play again.

MP3: "Hibernation Song" by Whale Tooth


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Photos: Adam Bunch

Alex Snider wears a least one piece of bedazzled attire at all times. Or does she? (She doesn't.) Follow her on Twitter and check out her blog What Fresh Hell is This?.


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