CMW 2012 Photos: The Balconies @ The Garrison by Carmen Cheung

SATURDAY - A lot has happened to The Balconies since we last checked in on them. So far this year they've released an amazing 7", got some distribution, and also have an amazing new video (below).  Things seem to moving forward for them. They played the Garrison on Saturday as part of the night of bands chosen by Broken Social Scene's Brendan Canning. And we checked it out, camera in hand, because, well, it wouldn't really be a festival if we didn't get to see The Balconies. And they rewarded us with what was probably the best set we've ever seen them play.

MP3: "Kill Count" by The Balconies

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Photos by Carmen Cheung. Text by Cody McGraw.


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Sixth photo down of Jacquie is phenomenal!

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