CMW 2012: Rouge @ Sneaky Dee's by Cody McGraw

FRIDAY – A year ago something amazing happened to me. It was Canadian Music Week and it was raining (of course) and I was rushing off to The Gladstone to see Gentleman Reg. But I ended up getting there early, while a band of three lovely ladies were setting up. My photographer and I had no idea who they were, so we stood quietly in anticipation. About an hour later we were in love.

Fast forward to this year's festival and we've seen Rouge countless times now, written about several of our experiences and even stumbled drunkenly on stage during a set (which, thankfully, kicked off an on-stage dance party instead of getting us kicked out). They've wowed audiences all over Canada and have perfectly honed their craft as sexy synth musicians.

The team of Kelly McMichael and Jess and Emma Tollefsen make you sweat and make you dance, things the crowd at Sneaky Dee's was ready for. By the end of the set, there were even people up on the speakers. In their keyboard V-formation, Kelly and Jess seduced the audience with their '80-kissed songs and their undeniable sexiness. If there's one band in Toronto that makes you want to grab the person next to you and stick your tongue down their throat, it's Rouge. And they just keep on getting better, improving with every performance we've seen. So, if you haven't already, get your ass out there and see them live next time. Lord knows we've told you to enough times already. 

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Photos by Adam Bunch

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