CMW 2012: Bear Hands @ Sneaky Dee's by Cody McGraw

FRIDAY: I have a (completely justified) problem: I'm pretty closed to non-Canadian bands – which is why no one told me Bear Hands is from Brooklyn. There I was expecting to see this homegrown talent before being told I was just busted supporting a band outside my comfort zone. And did I ever. Bear Hands dominated the packed house at Sneaky Dee's with their pitch perfect garage rock and sweat-inducing tracks off Burning Bush Supper Club.

Dylan Rau, Ted Feldman, Val Loper and TJ Orscher were a complete whirlwind of energy on the small stage, ripping dance-friendly rock through the crowd like a bull with roid rage. And the crowd loved it. They were going crazy; my body became damp with other peoples' sweat as I shared their utter delight. To say Bear Hands is a well-seasoned rock band is a complete understatement – they're more like a well-oiled musical robot sent to this city to remind us Americans know how to rock too.

MP3: "High Society" by Bear Hands

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Photos by Adam Bunch

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Melissa Bessey said...

Ha ha, busted Cody! Thanks for that good lil afternoon read. :D

CodyMcGraw said...

glad you liked it, Melissa!

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