CMW 2012: Galaxie @ The El Mocambo by Alex Snider

THURSDAY – Do you think it's possible to really love a show without being a little in love with the band? For the purpose of this post I am going to say no, it's not. The band I saw before Galaxie was good, there was nothing wrong, nothing negative to be said about them, but something wasn't right. It wasn't until I saw Galaxie that I figured out what was missing: love. Or lust. Whatever; same diff, amirite? 

Afterwards I told my gentleman companion that I fell in love with them – and to cover my ass a little I said it was the girls that did it, they were so charismatic and such good dancers. (The kind of dancers that made every single audience member who dared a little shimmy pale in comparison – not that it mattered, you had to move.) And he responded that even he'd get with the lead dude. Now, in the safety of the Internet (where I'm sure he will never find out) I admit I probably would too. Guys, it was a sexy, dirty-rock show experience. One that transcended my inability to remember my primary school french. (The Montreal band's lyrics are all in their native tongue.) Like all great love affairs, it wasn't about the words. 

It was the kind of show that would probably take place in a vintage Jarmusch movie: while the band rocks out in the background, Tom Waits drinks at a Louisiana bar and John Lurie nails the waitress by the pay phone outside the bathroom. Just the perfect mix of blues and soul and roots and electro-pop and garage, with all the charisma and chemistry in the world.

Holy smokes, they just knocked my socks off; can we all just hug now?

MP3: "Piste 1" by Galaxie
MP3: "Requin Tigre" by Galaxie

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Photos: Adam Bunch

Alex Snider wishes every rock show was like Galaxie's. She smiled ! the whole damn time. Follow her on Twitter and read her blog


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