CMW 2012: Honheehonhee @ Rancho Relaxo by Alex Snider

THURSDAY – Vocalist/guitarist Greg Halpin has a very big beard. He actually commented on it early in the show, saying that he had been growing it for a year. It makes me wonder how old he is. The beard makes him look older than he probably is, adding a certain je ne sais quoi (a quiet dignity? There is something Robertson Daviesish about the beard...) that seems rather at odds with the raucous display actually happening on stage. I think if I were a young man, I too would grow a very big beard as early as soon as I could, a massive, wandering-in-the-desert-for-a-decade beard just to cloak myself in mystery, and to age myself prematurely. Funny that men get to do that, isn't it? The other day my friend commented that she would guess I was 27 and I was slightly miffed. MIFFED! I'm 28! Patriarchy! Chocolate! Bathing suit season! Ack, ack, ack!

Honheehonee, the name, makes me think of Man Man. I'm guessing that's because of lead singer/lyricist/pianist/random-cobbled-together-instrument-player Honus Honus (just call me Nancy Drew), which is kind of apt because while the two band's are musically pretty different, both bring a similar energy and joie de vivre to their shows. They bring the rock. I've seen a lot of live shows and my favourites are always the ones where the musicians clearly love the music, the enthusiasm of the audience and performing together. Of course it helps when you get a band like Montreal's Honheehonhee, who play tight, energetic songs that you can't help but dance to. What more could you ask for?

MP3: "We Only Go" by Honheehonhee
MP3: "A Is For Animal" by Honheehonhee
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Photos: Adam Bunch

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