NXNE 2012: Topanga @ The Garrison

SATURDAY - Topanga is a punch in the face. Not in a bad I-just-punched-in-the-face kind of a way, but in a way that somehow leaves your body overflowing with satisfaction — you find you can’t stop yourself from screaming. Okay, so, wait maybe they’re more like rough and passionate musical sex? Well, this is really going down a strange path... Anyway, Topanga is awesome and they kicked the shit out of everyone at The Garrison and everyone loved it. 

With raging, punkish shout-along tracks like “Mabu”, “Oceans” and “Back Against the Wall”, they brought youthful energy to the dark venue with ferocious vocals and thrashing support from behind. Yup. Topanga is definitely one of the best live acts in Toronto.

Plus, really, your life needs more Boy Meets World references that aren’t Feeny.

MP3: "Lionheart" by Topanga
MP3: "Back Against The Wall" by Topanga
MP3: Download both of Topaga's EPs for free here

Text by Cody McGraw. Photos by Adam Bunch.

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