Topanga Have A New Song. And It's Great.

"Guilt Trip" is just the kind of shout-along and bounce off the walls indie punk pop house party drunken jumping around with sweat pouring down your face kind of tune that made us fall in love with this band. And we've got the new single below, so you can download it for yourself.

Topanga have also recently announced that they're going to be hitting the road, opening for the likes of Sloan, Parlovr and Hollerado. But maybe the best show of them all promises to be at The Horseshoe. They'll be part of a holy-shit-The-Little-Red-Umbrella-is-definitely-going-to-be-there bill with Army Girls, Sandman Viper Command and Dangerband. All of whom fucking rule. Saturday August 25th. $8.50 in advance. Facebook invite here.


Photo: Topanga play Analogue Gallery during NXNE 2012 (by Adam Bunch)


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