Celebrating The Scariest Movie, Like, Ever

Well this sounds fun and completely terrifying all at the same time. Our friends over at the Young Lions Music Club have decided to get into the movie-themed party business by throwing a movie-themed party this very Friday. The theme is The Shining, also known as the scariest movie ever made except for An Inconvienient Truth and Bunnicula, The Vampire Rabbit. The details are a little bit secret, but we know they'll have artwork and installations and costumes and a DJ set by Paradise Animals and performances by ALX and Absolutely Free. Which all sounds pretty rad to us.

It'll be $10, with advance tickets available at Rotate This and Soundscapes. And it'll be kicking off at 10pm, in Room 237, a secret venue in an alley near College & Bathurst. You'll find the full details on Facebook here

And for anyone who isn't already familiar with the film, but is already a Young Lion Music Club member (which you should be — it's free), the YLMC folks have put together a screening tonight (Wednesday). You can find those deets here.



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