The Stuff of 2012: Batshit Insane Republicans

We spent most of 2012 worried that a crazy person might end up winning the American election. First, there was that train wreck of a Republican primary campaign. Remember that? When a long list of totally fucking crazy people attempted to out crazy each other in order to win the votes of crazy people? Newt Gingrich? Michelle Bachmann? Ron Paul? Rick Perry? Rick Santorum? Remember when it seemed like one of those nutjobs might actually end up being the President of the United States? People who were arguing against the Civil Rights Act and in favour of child labour?

Of course, things didn't get much better once we got to the campaign itself, what with Mitt Romney writing off 47% of the population and Republicans all over the country saying totally fucking batshit fucking insane things about rape. (Seriously! Rape! Like THAT'S not clear cut enough an issue to be 100% against always!) Then there was Clint Eastwood talking to an empty chair. And Donald Trump being Donald Trump. Not to mention the Republican claims that Mitt would win despite the polls — because Nate Silver was too gay to do math.

Thankfully, things fell apart for Mitt — the Americans rejected him soundly. Well, a slim majority of them, anyway. 47% of them still managed to decide that they wanted the Republican Party running things.

So now, having lost the election, the Republicans are just left with the power to drive the country over the fiscal cliff and support the NRA in their quest to bring guns to every school in America.

Bat. Shit. Insane.


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