The Stuff of 2012: Topanga's Live Shows

Okay, so it's not like Topanga formed as a band in 2012 or anything — we'd actually been dying to see them live for a while. But 2012 is the year we finally got our too-often-hungover shit together and made it out to a show. And then another. And then another. Because they're that good, you see.

We've described their live show as "a punch in the face" and "rough and passionate musical sex" and "the kind of shout-along and bounce off the walls indie punk pop house party drunken jumping around with sweat pouring down your face" music that you can't help but fall in love with.

And with the band having retreated into a Montreal studio in order to lay down their debut full-length, The Stuff of 2013 could very well include Topanga On Record.

MP3: "Lionheart" by Topanga
MP3: "Back Against The Wall" by Topanga
MP3: Download both of Topaga's EPs for free here


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