CMW 2013: The BB Guns @ The Silver Dollar by Adam Bunch

FRIDAY — We've been listening to the garage-y retro girl group surf rock of the The BB Guns for a while now. On record, they sound great — not a surprise for a group that has had stuff produced by Holy Fuck's Brian Borcherdt — falling somewhere between upbeat punk and the soundtrack to a Frankie Avalon beach party. But it wasn't until Friday night of Canadian Music Week that we finally got the chance to see the band in person.

The show lived to up the buzz we'd created inside our own heads — by which I mean both the hype and our six-beers-into-the-night enthusiasm. The photogenic five-piece took to the stage at the Silver Dollar in the wee drunken hours of the morning, in front of a respectably-sized crowd given the time of night. And despite (or spurred on by?) the antics of the almost-certainly-drugged-out lady "dancing" in the front row (she literally sprawled herself out across the lip of the stage at one point), they energetically ripped through the songs we already know and love from their Bandcamp page — and from their upcoming debut, due out in May.

MP3: "Baby I Hate You" by The BB Guns
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