CMW 2013: Dangerband @ The Silver Dollar by Adam Bunch

THURSDAY— We've mentioned this before, but we still can't get over the fact that some of the very best retro-'90s powerpop in Toronto is being played by guys who were presumably born during that very same decade. But with their late night Canadian Music Week set on Thursday at the Silver Dollar, Dangerband proved, yet again, that that's exactly what's happening these days.

It wasn't quite as crazy a party as the record release show for their latest single, "Stupid Boyfriend", which they held at the Bovine Sex Club a few weeks back. But they more than held their own for a wee-hours-in-the-morning timeslot on a weeknight. They jumped and bounced across the Dollar's small stage in front of the fairly modest crowd, a kaleidoscope of colours under the ever-changing lights.

It's still early days for the band, but their momentum is growing as their show gets tighter and more polished. And with bands like Topanga and The Dirty Nil and The Danger Bees all part of the local Toronto scene, it seems that it's not just Portland where the '90s are alive and well.


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