CMW 2013: Honheehonhee @ Rancho Relaxo by Adam Bunch

THURSDAY — Rumour has it that Honheehonhee's Thursday night set at Rancho Relaxo may have been their very last show ever. If so, they went out in style. Their show was an energic affair, with the band using the full depth of the  stage: pacing and leaping, throwing their arms around each others shoulders, even dropping to the floor for a solo once or two. In response, the late night audience — full of familiar faces from the local scene (Honheehonhee are the favourite Montreal band of lots of our favourite Toronto bands) — packed up tight and close at the front of the stage as the indie rockers blasted away at the raucous songs off their Shouts LP. They shouted along at the count-in to "We Only Go". Screamed along to the refrain of "We Never Sleep" ("We never sleep! We never sleep!! We never sleep!!! WE NEVER SLEEP!!!!"). Bounced along to "Jumpstart My Heart". Got drunk. Had fun.

Let's hope they weren't also saying goodbye. Bands this good are always to young to die.

MP3: "We Only Go" by Honheehonhee
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Photos by Adam Bunch.

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