CMW 2013: Rah Rah @ Lee's Palace by Cody McGraw

THURSDAY — You know, there's something awesome about seeing one of your favourite bands at the end of the night. Maybe it was the 10th beer, maybe it was the moist Calvins after The Balconies, but I fucking LOVED Rah Rah.

I'm not going to pretend like I know anything about Saskatchewan exports other than Joni Mitchell and population, but I imagine Rah Rah is up there near the top.

Genial, bubbly and the best friends you never had best describes Rah Rah on stage. Although they didn't play "Tenatacles" (which I mispronounced as "Testicles" and laughed about for an entire song), the band commanded the stage with their one-two-punch pop tunes that would charm the pants off a nun. Even under the weather they sounded amazing — and reminded me why I braved the bi-polar weather and withdrew the extra $20 for more beer.

MP3: "Tentacles" by Rah Rah


Photos: Carmen Cheung

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