Dwayne Gretzky Cover Fleetwood Mac (And Prove Toronto Can Be Fun)

Once upon a time, when we younger and much more foolish, the words "cover band" made us think of middle-aged men playing crappy versions of Lynyrd Skynyrd songs in a dive bar selling watered down beer so they didn't have to go home to their families. But over the last few years, thanks to some local supergroups, that's all changed. Turns out that if you get a bunch of kickass young musicians playing kickass songs in a packed room full of drunken young people, cover bands kind of rule. It can make for one hell of a party — and everyone knows the words.

Toronto might have a reputation for being a city full of arm-crossers — for being too reserved to ever dance and jump and sing-along and just generally have unironic fun somewhere music is being played. But anyone who has ever felt the floor at Sneaky Dee's buckle under the weight of a crowd jumping along to Sheezer's cover of "Buddy Holly", or seen Loving In The Name Of pack the Great Hall from wall to wall with people singing Sinead O'Connor at the top of their lungs, knows there are plenty of people here who would rather have fun than take themselves too seriously.

Which brings us to Dwayne Gretzky. This particular Torontonian cover band supergroup brings together a rotating cast of some of our favourite local musicians: Allie Hughes, Robin Hatch (who's also in Sheezer), plus members of Sweet Thing, Arkells, July Talk, and Our Lady Peace among others. They cover some of the best and most fun songs ever written, from The Jackson 5 to Queen to Elvis Costello to The Cardigans to Pixies to Talking Heads to the Boss. And maybe some Mariah Carey and "No Diggity" too.

On Tuesday, Dwayne Gretzky are taking cover-band-edness to the next level. They'll be at the Great Hall, playing the entirety of Fleetwood Mac's 1977 masterpiece Rumours on the very same night  Fleetwood Mac are playing the ACC. And they'll follow it up with some of their usual covers.

Last we heard, there were still tickets left — but only a few. You can check out the Facebook invite here or buy tickets from Ticketfly here

We've also got an entire Songs You Can Dance Around Your Apartment To podcast inspired by the band, filled with songs they've been known to cover. You can stream it or download it here.

Gettin' drunk on a Tuesday, y'all!


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