The Little Red Digest for April 29, 2013

The NBA joined the civilized world. So did France and Uruguay and Rhode Island. Colombia and Northern Ireland did not. Thousand of Chinese rivers are disappearing. Abandoned places are looking beautiful. The zipper turned 100. Scientists want bring back the Passenger Pigeon. Sartre and Camus had a falling out. Vonnegut wanted to volunteer for JFK. Daniel Day Lewis plays Barack Obama in the new Spielberg flick. The President is maybe sort of kind of making it easier to smoke pot in the United States. A Supreme Court Justice admitted that they maybe shouldn't have picked the winner of the Bush-Gore election. Stephen Harper's attack ads on Justin Trudeau's charity work accidentally raised money for charity. Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne hopes to save one of the super-important science projects Harper tried to cut. Prisons got reviewed on Yelp. Neil Patrick Harris joined Instagram. You can now hear Alexander Graham Bell's voice. Loch Ness Monster insurance is a real thing. The AGO opened an exhibit about one of Toronto's most important public artists. Slate shared a brief history of the mic drop.


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