The Baseball Posts: Edwin Hits It Into The 500s

Hoooooo boy. The Blue Jays didn't have a whole lot to cheer for this April, but on Tuesday night first baseman Edwin Encarnacion closed out the month in style: by hitting one of the most impressive home runs in the entire history of the SkyDome. He became just the 14th player to launch one into the upper deck, joining folks like Jose Canseco, Mark McGwire, Manny Ramirez and Joe Carter. (Steroid King Canseco did it three times including the very first time anybody did it — blasting one up there during the 1989 American League Championship Series. It's now been done 17 times total.)

Seriously though, Encarnacion crushed it. And later in the game, he'd hit a second homer, putting the Jays ahead for good.

Here's a video of his moonshot — and an animated gif via the fine folks at gamereax:


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