Artists You Should Know: Michael Snow by Erika Jacobs

Canadian artist Michael Snow began producing multidisciplinary art in 1957, and is still working today. Working in everything from sculpture, to painting, to music, Snow’s work is fun, and memorable. It exists equally in famous museums and public spaces.

The Big Deal: You’ve probably seen his work without recognizing it was his, especially if you’re from Toronto. You know those geese flying through the Eaton Centre? They’re his. You know the bronze sports fans outside the Sky Dome? Also his. In 1981, he was made an Officer of the Order of Canada. Is promoted to Companion in 2007 "for his contributions to international visual arts as one of Canada’s greatest multidisciplinary contemporary artists."

Life In Brief: Born in Toronto in 1928. Is drawing and painting while attending Upper Canada College, continues on to Ontario College of Art. Has first solo exhibition in 1957. Works as artist and jazz musician. Produces work prolifically; shown at both the Centre Pompidou in Paris in 2000 and the MoMA in New York in 2005. In 1993, The Michael Snow Project, a multivenue retrospective exhibited at Art Gallery of Ontario and The Power Plant.

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Erika Jacobs is a Toronto-based freelance photographer and the co-creator of the Knock Twice blog, which is where a version of this post originally appeared. It's is an online resource to assist and inform budding creative professionals. You can visit Knock Twice here.


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