The Little Red Digest for May 20, 2013

"Scientific discovery is not valuable unless it has commercial value," the Harper government announced. They also spent taxpayer money buying ads to promote a jobs program that doesn't exist. And they paid off a Senator. Rob Ford smoked crack cocaine according to Gawker and the Toronto Star. Days later, he's still not saying anything. A Kickstarter campaign to buy the crack video hit the $90,000 mark. Slate compared him to Mayor Quimby. The mayor of Osaka came out in favour of sex slaves. The Pirate Party won seats in a fascinating Icelandic election. The Obama administration secretly kept track of reporters' phone calls. The Soviets thought about melting the ice caps. Miami thought about building a giant artificial sun in their harbour. Dolphins discovered a torpedo from the late 1800s. A deer crashed through the windshield of a bus. Scientists cloned a human embryo for the very first time. Kids said creepy things to their parents. Human heads were used to make 3D printed dolls. A man died while dribbling a soccer ball from Seattle to Brazil.  A dead man woke up at his own funeral. Witches in Swaziland were warned against flying too high. Stars Wars fans and Doctor Who fans got into a fight in Norwich. A Brampton actor learned that he's HUGE in Serbia. Ray Manzarek died. Pussy Riot's Nadezhda Tolokonnikova was denied parole. Michigan influenced the history of design. ArtNews wondered why we're not allowed to take photos in art museums. Corporate logos contained subliminal messages. English words were tracked back all the way to the Ice Age. A Mayan pyramid was bulldozed in Belize.   Men weren't funny.


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