Kelly McMichael & The Gloss @ The Piston

You might already know Kelly McMichael. She plays with Gentleman Reg and in the super-holy-awesome electro-rock group Rouge (who we're pretty big fans of around here). Rouge have been on hiatus for a while, though, so it was nice to see McMichael taking the stage at the Piston last week with a new project: Kelly McMichael & The Gloss. Their sound is a far cry from the looping beats and keyboard riffs of Rouge, more of a straight-ahead guitar rock sound that harkens back to the '90s. Think Juliana Hatfield. It was the perfect end to a bill that also included Jean Boots and So Young.

The band has already released one track online, "Solo", produced by James Bunton (Ohbijou, Evening Hymns, Diamond Rings). We'll post it below. And the Piston wasn't the last we'll be seeing of McMichael over the next few weeks. Rouge are back for Pride, playing the Gladstone on June 20th and then outdoors at Church & Carlton the night of the 29th.


Photos by Carmen Cheung. Text by Adam Bunch.


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