Inspire Me Thursdays by Desiree Proveau

Some Thursdays, we post one of the "Inspire Me Thursday" posts from Desiree Proveau's wonderful blog, The Farmer's Only Daughter. It's full of style and crafts and lessons learned while growing up on a farm — the kind of stuff that can come in handy living in the midst of the big city's urban glitz and excess:

Monday mornings usually crush my soul but a recent Monday morning was quite the opposite! When I arrived at work these beauties were waiting for me! A colleague of mine and blog reader with impeccable taste picked up these dainty antique gloves for me at a flee market over the weekend! How sweet was that?? It truly made this Monday waaay less sucky. 

This photo came to by all the way from New Orleans where Miss Tracey Nolan is vacationing...her name was Desiree...

Loving these Annais Vogel charms! I think it's time I start a charm bracelet... Such a nice heirloom idea...

Stylish Diana

I LOVE these pictures from The Toronto Dreams Project instagram from The Spadina House! It's Toronto's own Downton Abbey, or so I've read.  I plan to head over this summer in my vintage best.
(Captions via The Toronto Dreams Project Instagram which you can check out here if you don't have Instagram but I've linked their website above as well.)
A palm room fit for Madame Vastra. 1905. Spadina House. 
Blue room family sitting room. Original Austin family stuff.

Being rushed out the door as we speak! Have a wonderful weekend folks!


Desiree Proveau is a farmer's only daughter, now living in Toronto. In the midst of urban glitz and excess, she's incorporates the lessons she learned on her father's farm: to make due or mend, to never use anything just once, and to re-purpose what's no longer useful. She shares her designs, crafty lifestyle, and inspirations at The Farmer's Only Daughter.


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