The Little Red Digest for June 9, 2013

Twelve million Americans think lizard people run the country. Samuel Beckett drove AndrĂ© the Giant to school. Neuroscientists discovered a woman who can see 99 million more colours than you do. Young people partied in the '50s. You played Monopoly wrong. An Ancient Egyptian city was unearthed at the bottom of the sea. The sun still doesn't set on the British Empire. Controversial gnomes showed up to the Chelsea Flower Show. The Muppets got their own museum. Stephen Harper made cuts to Elections Canada while they were investigating him for electoral fraud. His party refused to help investigators. He ended environmental reviews for mines. And he changed the definition of "local" food to include anything produced in the same province. The Defence Minister ordered military intelligence to investigate a reporter for reporting information from a press release. Jason Kenney used the attack in London to attack Justin Trudeau. Canada Post wants you to want junkmail. The CBC threatened to sue the federal government. A First Nations student was denied her diploma for wearing a feather. Valdimir Putin was pissed at Obama for not saving bees from Monsanto. Ai Weiwei made a music video. Nate Silver wondered why Canadians teams never win the Stanley Cup. Lou Reed had a liver transplant. Eton College wants students who can justify killing protesters. A guerrilla librarian in Rangoon won the right to lend out books. The bomb didn't beat Japan. A member of Pussy Riot was denied parole. Rob Ford still doesn't get as much coverage as the film festival. But he's just like Amy Winehouse.


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