The Little Red Digest: for February 25

Canada celebrated gold. Olympians used Tinder like crazy. The IOC needed to get its priorities straight. Canadian Olympians sucked up to Putin. One didn't.  Canadian authorities held a transgender woman in a men's prison for committing no crime. Facebook added more than 50 new gender options. The House of Representatives in Kansas passed a homophobic law, but the Senate saved the day. Then, the Arizona House went and passed one. Jason Collins became the first openly gay athlete in a major North American sport. Ukrainian protesters explored the President's strange, opulent residence. Historical events you wouldn't expect to happen at the same time happened at the same time. Wolves changed rivers. Snowy owls and lemmings boomed. There was a traditional 200 km speed skating race in the Netherlands. Modern architecture was or wasn't vandalism. There was one literary reference you really needed in order to understand True Detective. You could record your own cover of John Cage's 4'33". 3D gifs were totally crazy-looking. Keith Haring met Dolly Parton. A horse helped save Toronto from diphtheria. This Was A Punk Show Not A War. And Another. One in thirteen tweets had a swear word in it. A Catholic and Protestant couple were buried in separate cemeteries. The mum in Toy Story had a crazy back-story.


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