CMW 2014: Young Doctors In Love @ Hard Luck Bar

THURSDAY — Donned in sparkly dresses, light-up guitars in hand, Young Doctors In Love offered non-stop power pop to the sparse, but engaged audience at Hard Luck Bar with enough charisma to wake the dead.

New discoveries are key during Canadian Music Week and Young Doctors In Love, as you can probably predict from my gushing above, is a band worth searching for. They command the stage in perfect unison — almost as if The B-52s and The Breeders had a really cool baby. Their infectious tunes, including a cover of The Rolling Stones' "Let's Spend the Night Together", showed great verve and musicianship within the band. It made the group incredibly likeable and clearly left some in the audience wanting to be their new best friends. (I know I wish I had friends who randomly wore 3-D glasses. And not in an annoyingly ironic way.)

Young Doctors In Love have the potential to soon be filling up local venues — and most certainly will when they finally catch on. Why? Because you want to shake that. Don't act like that's a lie. We're on to you, Toronto.

Plus: light-up guitars.





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Words by Cody McGraw, who is a lot of things, but the thing we would call him his face is the Managing Editor of The Little Red Umbrella. A semi-retired music journalist, he will write about bands that are important to him in between articles he writes for us making fun of things. If you want to see what we put up with then follow him on twitter @Cody_McGraw.

Photos by Carmen Cheung, the Arts Editor for The Little Red Umbrella.


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