PUP's New Live Video Is Better Than Yours

PUP play a shitload of shows. Like, a really big shitload: 250 of them last year. We're pretty sure that's more days in 2014 than we even bothered to get out of bed, never mind dragging a bunch of gear across the surface of the Earth and climbing up on stage every night to rep the 6ix with a set of roaring, manic, shout-along punk rock. And when they're not on stage, PUP don't seem to be spending much time relaxing — instead, they're busy putting out a streak of kickass videos, like the demolition derby epic for "Mabu" (RIP) and the Prism Prize nominated "Guilt Trip" — which is, frankly, better than most entire movies we saw last year.

Now comes a new live video for "Back Against The Wall." And it's not your usual live video. This one stitches together footage from various stops on the band's "Everything Gets Worse" tour. Behold:


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