NXNE 2011: Cults @ Lee's Palace by Stephanie Cloutier

FRIDAY - My Twitter feed was abuzz with activity about Lee's Palace. The legendary venue garnered much talk because of its insanely long line-up outside. It seemed that all of Toronto wanted to get inside but looking at the show's line-up, you could understand why: following the immensely popular Dum Dum Girls was the New York-based band Cults. Just like it was outside, inside was jhectic; everyone was excited to see this band that have only been around for a few short months.

Their NXNE appearance was their third visit to Toronto, but coming back here had some lingering bitterness for them. At their last show, their van got broken into. It was a fact that guitarist Brian Oblivion wouldn't forget, as he referred our city as the "beautiful, thieving Toronto". The crowd booed what the reaction, how we, thieving Torontonians could have done such a thing. But the comment didn't ruin the band's performance nor damper our growing feelings for them.

It's hard to not fall in love with their haunting, poppy music or how incredible adorable lead singer Madeline Follin is on stage. Songs like "Go Outside", "The Curse" and "You Know What I Mean" generated not only cheers but sing alongs.

If you were one of the unfortunates who missed the show last night, you have a second chance tonight. Cults is playing a free show at Yonge and Dundas Square, at 8pm. Go early and be prepared to fall in love.

Photos by Stephanie "Slash" Cloutier

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