The Stuff of 2011: Janelle Monae Headlines CMW

It was a particularly dreary Canadian Music Week this year, mostly due to the insufferable snain (snow/rain), however, it was probably the best one yet and that’s in large part due to one woman: Janelle Monae.

Now, we’ve seen A LOT of shows over the years so the following statement shouldn’t be taken lightly: It was the best show we’ve ever seen. Yes, ever. The energy, the production and the woman were utterly perfect. We’ve never witnessed such passion for performing or love of songs in our lives. It was a mind-opening, mood-altering, rough sex performance that we will never forget.

In our review at the time we said, “To try to describe her live show is no easy feat as it’s something that has to be experienced to believe. Her costumes, dancers and back up musicians add dimensions to each track and compliment her high energy perfectly.”

And boy did we mean it.

Photos by Carmen Cheung 

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Janelle Monae was chosen by Cody McGraw, the Managing Editor of The Little Red Umbrella. See more posts from him here or follow him on Twitter (@cody_mcgraw).


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