The Stuff of 2011: Season Two of How To Make It In America

We at The Little Red Umbrella, along with everyone we know, are broke. We aren't even lying when we say we're talking each other out of becoming strippers ALL the time. The characters in How To Make it in America were also broke so it was nice to have a TV show around that was a realistic depiction of the struggle our generation faces while trying to achieve our dream. But unfortunately for us, season two was the final season for this show as HBO canceled it this week.

Unlike other shows centered in New York City (*cough* Sex and the City *cough*), How To Make it in America filled its brief 16-episode run with memorable characters people like us can relate to. Their passions included fashion and journalism, both of which we related to. We cheered for them when they reached success and when they refused to let someone else alter their vision. It was a show that bravely told the story of our generation and gave us hope that we might not be poor forever. It will be sorely missed and a integral part of our TV on DVD collections.

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How To Make It in America was chosen by Cody McGraw, the Managing Editor of The Little Red Umbrella. See more posts from him here or follow him on Twitter (@cody_mcgraw).


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