NXNE 2013: Stella Ella Ola @ The Silver Dollar by Cody McGraw

THURSDAY — Toronto’s percolating power pop foursome Stella Ella Ola are holding a special place in our hearts these days. Not only are they making us reminisce about easier times in '90s, but they are also so fucking good that we never shut up about them. (Now, before we get another restraining order, we’ll remind you we get overly excited about the bands we love...)

It was an oddly rainy and shitty NXNE Thursday when we ventured to The Silver Dollar but inside we were greeted by the sunny power pop tunes of Stella Ella Ola — who make The New Pornographers look like Skinny Puppy. Each song in the set helped solidify them more and more as our next go-to pop band, perfect for your afternoon BBQ or the moment when you need some cheering up.

And they did it all for the Kiefer. Sutherland, that is — he's apparently been kicking around the festival. We bet he would have loved this set dedicated to him almost as much as we did. (Please, have you seen that Touch shit he’s in now? He needs some sweet power pop in his life.)

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Photos by Carmen Cheung, except for the last five by Adam Bunch.

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